patient Education

10 tips you need to know about bariatric surgery:

Is bariatric surgery painful?

Honestly it's not painful and it doesn't need pain medication.

What are the risks of Bariatric surgery?

The risks are very low, it's as the same of general surgery.

How long is the recovery?

Recovery is very quick, 4 hours after the surgery you are able to walk and after 2 days you can leave the hospital.

What happens to loose skin?

Plastic surgeon accompany us in this procedure, after bariatric surgery and loosing weight we refer you to plastic surgeon for body contour.

Will my appetite change?

The purpose of this surgery is that you feel full faster. You will start to use healthier food and more protein.

How will my life change after bariatric surgery?

Your life style will change and you will have special diet and specific exercises.

How will bariatric surgery affect my health?

It helps to solve your medical problems.

How will surgery affect my life?

It will change your future and health You will become more mobile and healthy.

How long does it takes to lose weight?

You will loose 5 to 7 pounds every week.

Is surgery covered by insurance?

In most cases the insurance will pay for your surgery.