Endocrine Association

Iranian Association of Endoscopic Surgeons

In fact, the Iranian Association of Endocrine Surgeons is the principal and coordinator of this field of surgery in Iran. The role of the association in Iranian society of surgeons is becoming more prominent every year.

The association has been able to carry out valuable activities over the years. One of the most important activities of the association is the publication of Endocrine magazine which was first published in 2001. It has played significant role in promoting this field of surgery in Iran.

The association has held hundreds of workshops, congress and specialized meetings for surgeons, and it is one of the firs members and stakeholders of MMESA, the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Endoscopic Surgery Association.

The MMESA 2010 was held in Tehran successfully, due to the cooperation between Endocrine Association and Iran University of Medical Science.

The Iranian Association is founded by Dr. Heshmatolah Kalbasi, Dr. Mohamad Sadhi Esfehani, Dr. Majid Moshkgoo, Dr. MohamadTaghi Kia and Ms. Rezapor in 1996. Also Mr. Babak Yousefian, founder and managing director of Med and Trip, is one othe association members.