West Nikan Hospital


From 1990s, costumer – oriented and patient – centered approach along with increase in quality of health service became the policy of health system of our country. This new and modern approach; in which the patient, the personnel, and the medical staff as well as the client were considered the center of services, attracted so many managers and became the basis for costumer –oriented culture in hospitals. But lack of sources, strict and tough rules and bureaucratic structure of state hospitals made it really hard to train the medical staff and administrate such an approach. In the meantime some physicians and managers of Milad Hospital who had experienced such a system and confirmly believed in administrating this system decided to found a hospital, a hospital in which a patient is considered as a member of their family and will receive kind, different, and compassionate services. They found a hospital on a basis of tenderness for society, colleagues and patients and named it ‘Nikan.

Hospital Mission Statement

The mission of the hospital: Nikan Hospital in order to ease to patients pain provides specialty safe and effective heath services. These high quality services are provided for patients regardless of their age, gender, race, skin color, religion, and social status in minimum time.

The perspective of the hospital:

We are endeavoring to become the first choice of the patients in Iran and Middle East.


  • Kindness and Sympathy
  • Patient-centeredness and Costumer-orientation
  • Selfless service
  • Ethics
  • Quality and Safety Culture
  • Knowledge Orientation
  • Process Approach

Individual Organizational Characteristics:

  • Honesty
  • Precision and Explicitness